• Scottish ADF ritual :


    A Core Order of Ritual in Scots (for a « Scottish Hearth »)



    These are the items

    ◆ Flame (candle, matches)

    ◆ Tree (plant, wood)

    ◆ Well (bowl of water)

    ◆ Bowl for offerings (for the kindred and the being of the occation)

    ◆ Offerings (offerings of your choice)

    ◆ Tibetan bowl

    ◆ Waters of Life (beverage of your choice)

    ◆ Omen (Runes) 


    **The candle will be lit at this time**


    Welcom’tae ye’bairns of Earth. 


    Initiating the Rite 

    We gather together in thes space tae attune ourselves tae the sacred powers. Ken’ that whaurever we’ar, thes space is sacred because we gather.  



    **Ring bowl.**

    Clear yer minds and relax yer bodies in preparation for a Scots ritual. 


    Two Powers Meditation (Ye cann visualize the two Indo-European powers of fire in the sky, water in the earth and the sacred tree in between both)


    Honoring the Earth Mother

    Nerthus, ye whae’ar nearest tae us; ye whae’ar shrouded in bonnie; we praise ye for yer blessings and bounty. Nerthus, we welcom’ye. 

    Nerthus, accept our offering! 



    Honoring the Sky Father

    Thor, protector and freen, we praise ye for yer blessings.

    Thor, we welcom’ye nou the day

    Thor Mukker !

    Thor, accept our offering! 



    Honoring Inspiration 

    Sunna, sun goddess whae brings the new day, help us spikk truth during our sacred rite. Sunna, we welcom’ye. 

    Sunna, accept our offering! 



    Recreating the Cosmos 

    The waters support and surround us. The land extends aboot us.

    The sky stretches out boon us.

    At our center burns a living flame.

    And so we stand at the center of worlds in this sacred space.

    A’m nae like a sheep lost on the highlands or something wee.

    A’m nae a bowheed, that’s pure barry.

    A’m a part of ma ancestors.

    **Offering of silver.**


    May our Groves and Hearths be made whole and holy. 



    Opening the Gates 

    A’ call upon Odin to be our gatekeeper.

    Guide us as we open and travel through the gates.

    Odin, we welcom’ye. 

    Odin, accept this offering.  



    May this bowl become a well reaching down the waters of chaos and creation.

    May this well open as a gate that reaches tae the realm of the ancestors. 

    May this candle become a fire growing up tae the light of the heavens.

    May this fire open as a gate that reaches to the realm of the gods.

    May this stick become a great tree that touches all the realms.

    May this tree open as a gate and connect the realms. 


    May the gates be open! 

    (gesture to open the door)


    Inviting & Offering to the Kindreds 

    We call tae the Ancestors, those of blood and heart, whae have gone before us. Ye’re ever dear tae us. We welcom’ye. Ancestors frae the Isle of Skye, and Scotland be with us !

    Ancestors, accept our offering. 



    We call tae the Nature Spirits, those whae share that world with us. Your presence never ceases to amaze us. We welcom’ye. Elven, Trolls, and Dwarves ye’re a spirits of our land !

    Nature Spirits, accept our offering. 



    We call tae the Shining Ones, the Gods and Goddesses, eldest and wisest. Ye guide us on our paths and we seek tae listen.

    We welcom’ye. Gods of the Norse and keeper of our hearth and clan !

    Shining Ones, accept our offering. 




    Main Working – Welcoming the Being of Occasion 

    [You could read a prayer for one of your Hearth gods for exemple Freya or Freyr] 



    Asking for Blessings Through an Omen 

    Now we will take an omen tae see whit blessings the Kindreds have for us. 

    **Three runes will be selected, shared, and interpreted as the omen.**


    Tae all you present, do you accept this omen? 

    Aye ! We accept this omen. 


    Blessing the Waters of Life 

    **Hold the vessel containing what will be the waters.** 

    Kindreds, we have given offerings and asked for yer guidance through an omen.

    We now ask ye tae pour forth yer blessings on these waters, so we may drink of yer gifts. 


    **Pause to individually ask for this blessing before we drink of the waters.** 

    Behold, the Waters of Life! ! 

    **Individually drink of these waters.**


    Thanking the Being of the Occasion

    We give thanks to Freya. Great Goddess, thank you for your presence and your protection.

    Freya, we thenk ye ! Thenk ye uncoly !


    Thanking the Kindreds 

    We give thanks to the Ancestors, the Nature Spirits, and the Shining Ones.

    We have received your wisdom and drank of your blessings.

    Thenk ye for yer presence in this rite. 

    Kindreds, we thenk ye! Thenk ye uncoly !


    Closing the Gates 

    Odin, we thenk ye for guiding us through the gates. Help us now to close them. 

    Odin, we thenk ye ! Thenk ye uncoly !


    May this well reaching tae the ancestors become a bowl of water once more.

    May this fire burning toward the heavens become a candle once more.

    May this tree touching all the realms become a stick once more. 

    May the Gates be closed! 

    (gesture to close the door)


    Thanking Inspiration

    Sunna, thenk ye for your presence in that rite. 

    Sunna, we thenk ye! Thenk ye uncoly !


    Thanking the Sky Father

    Thor, thenk ye for your presence in that rite. 

    Thor, we thenk ye! Thenk ye uncoly !


    Thanking the Earth Mother

    Nerthus, we remember ye aawhaur and allweys. Thenk ye for yer presence in that rite. 

    Nerthus, we thank you! Thenk ye uncoly !


    Closing the Rite 

    Bairns of Earth, this rite is ended.

    Let us go in peace and fellowship.

    Let us as a Scottish people.

    **Ring bowl.**


    Written by Eikthyrnir Odinson 


    This is my other version of a Scots rituel, full in Scottish language: Scottish ADF Ritual (Scots Druidry)

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